Thursday, August 20, 2009

Buy Phentermine Without Prescription

Brand Name: Is available in more than 20 brand names including Ionamin and Adipex-P
Medical Name: Phentermine
Type: Prescription
Parent Drug Class: Amphetamine and Phenethylamine

Phentermine – When should you use it?
Phentermine is an appetite control drug which is used to put control on the increasing weight in obese patients. Phentermine is recommended when the accumulated fat develops risks for more diseases. Weight control becomes essential for those who are at risk to develop obesity-related ailments. Obesity is a medical condition in which the Body Mass Index (BMI) becomes greater than 30kg/m² (20 -25kg/m² is normal BMI). Obesity may cause heart diseases, hypertension, increased blood pressure, diabetes, and breathing problems during sleep. To manage obesity effectively in such patients, weight-reducing drugs are often suggested. Phentermine is a well-known weight-control drug which reduces the body fat by controlling the appetite.