Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Local Car Dealers

I have come across this new car dealers website and I would surely like to write something about it.

I was searching for car dealers near my area when I found this website. Its called Wexu, (I don't know what does this name

stands for ( but it provides quite huge database of all local car dealers in any state, or even in cities of

America. For example, lets say if you are looking for a Ford car dealers in Chicago, the you can just checkout Ford Chicago or similarly Toyota Houston for Toyota car dealers in Houston. I tried even smaller

cities and it worked great for them also. I am really impressed. I have been looking for such a car dealers site from long.

So if you are looking for any local dealers of car and don't know where to look for, I would surely recommended this small online car dealers website to help you. I am sure it would be of great help to you.

Wedding Makeup That Lasts

Wedding Makeup that Lasts

On your big day, you want your wedding makeup to last. Not only that, but you want to look stunning in your photographs. In order to insure that your makeup will last as long as possible, it may be best to hire a professional to take care of it. However, here is some advice to keep in mind even if you do hire a makeup artist.

Use a makeup base. Several cosmetic companies offer products that go on under your eye makeup or lipstick that help your makeup last. Eye makeup base provides a layer that your eyeshadow and eyeliner can adhere to. This prevents creasing and helps the colour stay on longer. They offer similar products for lipstick. However, try to find a lipstick base that is also moisturizing. Some products contain ingredients that dry the lips out. You'll need your lips to stay nice and moist so you can smile all day.

Get rid of extra shine. A shiny face looks even worse in photographs, especially if the photographer uses a flash. After washing your face, apply an oil controlling product. After that absorbs, apply a thin layer of loose powder. Apply foundation and the rest of your makeup as usual. Follow up with another thin layer of loose powder. Carry some pressed powder with you so you can control any shine as the day progresses.

Lasting lipstick. One of the first things to fade is your lipstick. Follow these tips that will help your lipstick last. First, apply a moisturizing lip base. Then, apply lip liner in a shade that is a little darker than your lipstick. Use a soft pencil. Fill the lips in with the pencil. Apply one coat of lipstick and blot gently. Apply another coat of lipstick but this time do not blot. Press a thin layer of facial tissue gently to your lips. Using a large brush, apply a thin layer of pressed powder to the tissue. The tissue acts as a screen, letting in only a small amount of powder. The powder helps the lipstick set and keeps it on longer.

Pack a makeup bag. No matter how hard you try to create a lasting look, you still may need to do some minor touch ups throughout the day. Pack pressed powder, lipstick, mascara, and eyeshadow just in case your colour needs a boost.

Sally Lopez is a freelance writer and marketing manager of Marcell "Professional Make-up Artists".To learn more about wedding makeup and the latest makeup tips visit

A Business Card

A business card is an ideal partner to getting your business recognized by potential clients. Business cards can be created online through a variety of templates for you to choose from. This makes the process a lot easier when you can choose a business card template and then customize it to your business. It is a fun and easy way to create your business cards online and can actually save you time and money because you do not have to consult a graphic designer. You are the designer. It is less stressful and it puts you in control of your business card needs.

Business card printing will allow you to first choose a template and then change the font size, color, layout, or even add additional text if you need to. Business cards can be customized through templates, but these online sites will also give you the option to add your company logo or a photo without having to use their designs. With this option, you still can change the font color or size, and add text to complete the desired look for your business card. A black and white style business card has the look of professionalism and is easily read and understood by all who see it, as all business cards should be. Color business cards created online will give your cards just the right amount of color that will catch a potential client's eye. The color is not the only decision when it comes to designing your business card; you also have to look at whether you want a vertical or horizontal business card.

Business cards are presented to you to create in a number of ways. A magnetic card is ideal for your customers to keep on their refrigerators so they will not lose your number. Color raised ink will make your company logo or your name stand out on a white background. How about a metal business card that resists fading, scratching, or a plastic one? Business card templates can be business professional or be the ones that have clip art to choose from to give your business card an artistic edge. Business card is one of topics that pop up often in some blog sites.

Business card printing online is fast and easy. It will give your business the card it deserves with a design that will give people a visual perspective of your business that may just set your business apart from other companies out there. With a color business card, consumers can keep your card around after using your company's services and then hold pass it along to someone they know who needs a service that your company offers. Your business cards are like printed word of mouth that travels from one customer to the next.

Internet, HTML and Blog

The Web was predicated as the 4th dimension or 4th generation of media at the inception of the World Wide Web in late 1980s. Printing, radio, and TV are refereed to as three dimensions of traditional media. In 1989, I was reading an Oreilly books talking about the Web when only universities and government agencies had access to the Internet via text-based and Unix-based interface at the time. The Web would be really nice I though.

There’re three milestones in the course of the Internet becoming a true media for average people, not just a tool for scientists and scholars.

The first milestone is the Internet that use a standard communication protocol TCP/IP. Without a simple yet powerful standard, a computer network will never be able to grow into a global network that connects millions of computers seamlessly.

The second milestone is the HTML, which give the boring Internet a colorful interface. Anyone could master the basic HTML tags for creating Web pages. Just like the TCP/IP, HTML is a simple and powerful standard for rendering web pages. The simplicity again prevails. The Web, without participation of mass, will never be a interactive media.

The third and the latest, sure it won’t be the last, milestone for the birth and popularity of the new generation of media is the Blog. Blog refers to both a software tool for easy publishing and writing styles that is conversational., one of the most popular free blog hosting services, caters a community of bloggers close to half million. There goes Spring Snow Blog. With the blog software, one can easily setup a new website in less than 30 minutes without knowledge of computer or HTML. Once again, simplicity prevails. is a blog search engines that indexed 55 millions of blog posts. Blog search engines work better that general search engines, like Google or Yahoo Search!, when it comes to locate a blog site or specific blog posts.

Tips for Finding a Good Name for Your Website

With hundreds of millions of websites are on the net, finding a good name for your new website has become more and more challenging. If you do a domain name search or whois search, you’ll need to spend hours to finally confirm a name which isn’t registered already. There’s a few tips for coming up a good and unique domain name.

1) Use the combination of two word phrases that is meaningful - For instance, you are searching for a domain name for an article directory, anything related to article is likely taken already - ezine articles, article city, article depot. Recto is a much less used word somehow related to writing or articles, it’s taken too. You’ll have better chance for a unique name if one of two words is used less frequently.

2) Use neutral name - A domain name doesn’t have to be explicitly related to your online operation. A directory site doesn’t have to have the word directory in it. Intel works better than Intel Computer, and Walmart works better Walmart grocery store.

3) Be Creative - Domain name could be very creative. Tropical Rain would well be a good name for a general blog site. “A small orange“, in fact, is a name of a small web hosting company.

4) Try a different top level domain option - .com is favored by most businesses and individuals. If you can’t register a domain name with .com, try .info, .us, .net, or .ws.

The difficulty in searching for domain name is partly due to those domainers who register thousands or more of domain names at a few dollars per domain or less. They’ll sell for hundreds, thousands or even more when someone is desperately wants a domain name they own. On popular webmaster forums, you see almost everyday that webmasters are willing to pay for a few dollars for domain name suggestion.

It takes time and creativity to come up with an ideal domain name, and a kill domain name will make a huge difference too. It is estimated that type-in traffic is about 5-15% of search traffic. The domain name such as “candy”, “gifts”, or “wine” will worth a lot of money.

Thank You Candy Makers

With all this fuss about chocolates and candies, and after spending several years of relishing, chewing, and nibbling each morsel of those amazing sweets, I’ve often thought of all those goodies I’ve tasted and the ingenuity of its creators. After much pondering, I finally decided that the producers of the best candies I’ve eaten ought to be given proper credit. Thus, I’ve summed up the top three companies (not arranged in any order) that produce the best confections in the candy industry and cited examples of their finest products: Willy Wonka Candy, Ce De, and Haribo.

I have always craved for this two-flavored tiny tangy, crunchy candies in a small handy box since I was in grade school - the Nerds. And I have Willy Wonka Candy to thank for. Willy Wonka products are a classic favorite of mine and this company is known for its range of chocolate bars. In fact, their most famous product is the Wonka Bar – the only milk chocolate bar that contains crunchy graham pieces inside.

If you’re wondering who created those sweet, fruit-flavored, tablet-style Smarties (also known as Rockets outside the US), you’re looking at Ce De Candy. What I really like about this company, aside from the fact that they produced Smarties, is their concept of edible accessories – the Candy Necklaces and Candy Watches. Imagine accessorizing yourself and eating out of your wrist at any given time. Amazing right?

And then there’s Gummy Bears, those raspberry, pineapple, orange, strawberry, and lemon chewy sweets. Voted as “Kids Superbrands 2006”, Haribo’s the producer of the hugely popular Gummy Bear. Haribo’s success with Gummy Bears set off their production of other gummy animals and objects such as worms, hamburgers, and cola bottles (my three favorites among all their products).

I read somewhere that, “It's never too early or too late for chocolate.” For me, it’s not just chocolate; it encompasses all types of sweets you can come up with. No matter what people say, candies and chocolates ARE for everyone and can be eaten during any occasion (they’re especially handy in those depressed, I-need-time-to-think occasions). And with all these, we really should be grateful to those that took their time to be able to produce these excellent confections… Thank you Candy Makers!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Photoshop For Beginners

Using Photoshop is like driving a bicycle: once you learn, you’ll never forget. It is very easy to use Photoshop for your image editing needs once you learn how by using Photoshop Tutorial which is a great place to start; it would become second nature to you. But just like learning to ride a bicycle, learning to use Photoshop is never easy. Color palettes and the confusing assortment of menus are sure to discourage even the most valiant beginner. Truth is, Photoshop is a very comprehensive tool such that even a professional Photoshop user would be surprised when he does something with it that he never knew was possible.

The fact that learning Photoshop is a very daunting endeavor need not stop you, however. Photoshop was designed for human use so be not afraid to try it. The trick is in trying it first.

To try it, prepare a simple image that you have already backed up since you are certain to botch it your first try. And since learning Photoshop is best done through experience, do not hesitate to try each and every single tool in the vast menus that you have a mind at trying. This would help familiarize you with what these tools can do for you. Of course, you should also read the help section for more specific information and shortcut Photoshop Tools.

After the first try, do not give up. Practice your Photoshop prowess countless times and read more self-help literature for more assistance and check out plenty of Photoshop Tutorials at PS Workshop. In no time at all, you’ll be zipping through Photoshop like a pro.