Friday, March 19, 2010

Travel Girlfriend Getaways

According to a famous site that plans the travel packages for girlfriends, there are 40 best travel packages so far for girlfriend get away travel packages. We will discuss some of them in detail in this travel guide article. The trend of women only vacations emerged in the U.S.A when the ladies from all walks of life demanded something of their own. They wanted to be free of all kinds of responsibilities like taking care of kids, going to work, preparing food for their husbands etc. They wanted to have adventurous time on beaches, exotic resorts, enjoy the surfing in the seas etc. The travel agencies therefore came up with an idea of arranging trips exclusively for girls.

Manhattan for shoppers: It costs around a thousand dollars. The hotel near south street seaport allows many women like you to shop on their own. This package from the hotel includes two night stay in a deluxe guest room along with a private 4 hour tour in the leadership of a fashion expert in the town.