Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Running Excerise

Running Exercise
Though you can get a lot of benefit from taking a walk each day, you will get even more benefit from running exercise. If you are just beginning on your weight loss journey and you have a lot of weight to lose, you may not be able to start out running right away, but it is definitely something that you can work up to. You should start by taking a walk each day, and add a few minutes to your walk each week until you can walk quickly and comfortably without having to stop to catch your breath.
Once you can walk rather quickly and can remain comfortable, you might be ready to start running exercise. You should start out very slowly, and don’t do a lot of running into your use to it. Your body will need to get used to this type of exercise, and it is in your best interest to take your time. Your first running exercise should be no longer than five or ten minutes. Even one run around the block will give you great benefit without completely exhausting your system. As time goes on, as with the walking, you will add time to your running until you are comfortable with the amount of time you spend each day.
Before you start running exercise, make sure you have the proper equipment. You don’t need a lot of things when you go running, but you do need a very good pair of shoes. Running exercise is very hard on the feet, and if you don’t have the right pair of sneakers, you are going to mess up your feet and be in a lot of pain by the end of the day. You want a sneaker or running shoe that has a lot of cushion, and if you are finding that you have pain in the ankles, you want something that adds a little more support.
Make sure you practiced it safety when doing your running exercise. If you are wearing headphones to listen to music while you run, make sure you are paying extra attention when you cross streets. You may not hear a car coming when you have headphones on. Also make sure that you do not do your running exercise at night by yourself, and if you are out after dark with a friend, that you have reflective clothing on your body. Remember that a driver in a car will have a hard time seeing you at night, even if you can see them rather clearly.