Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mart Shop On Electronic Cigarette

The good thing is that the person slowly gets rid of the smoking habit. Doctors suggest electronic cigarettes for people who want to stop smoking but are not able to since the severe urge for nicotine. The smoking way and satisfaction is the same, the person will smoke the cigarette in regular way while the nicotine addiction will be lessened each time. The body will repair itself and the lungs will eventually get un-tarred. Some medical opinions on electronic cigarettes suggest that after 7 days, person will regain the ability of smell and flavor, the stains on fingers and teeth would disappear and last but not the least, your lungs will become healthy once again.

The best part of electronic cigarettes is that you can smoke it anywhere you want. Even if there’s a note saying “no smoking”, you can still smoke in that place because you are using an electronic cigarette.