Sunday, October 22, 2006

Family Vacation Spots

When I was single I had no trouble deciding where to go on my vacations. My friends and I just chose places with the hottest nightlife scene where we could drink, dance, and meet members of the opposite sex. But now that I'm married and have children, I obviously can't go to those same destinations anymore. Instead, I need to find some great family vacation spots where we can all enjoy our time together.
Everyone knows that one of the most popular family vacation spots is Orlando, Florida. There are so many different theme parks, including Walt Disney World, Sea World, and Universal Studios, as well as other attractions, like beaches, shopping, and unique restaurants, that there's never a shortage of things to do. Orland is definitely a fantastic place for families, but we've been there several times already. I was hoping to find other family vacation spots that offer just as many fun activities, but in a whole new setting.
The first thing I did was go to the bookstore to thumb through some of the newer travel guides. I found a couple of books that were dedicated to highlighting family vacation spots, and was able to get some good ideas from them. I then checked through a few travel magazines too, but saw that they pretty much covered the same family vacation spots that the books did.
The next thing I did was check the Internet for family vacation spots. I was simply overwhelmed by the amount of information my searches returned! There seemed to be thousands and thousands of websites devoted to family vacation spots. I was able to get information about national parks, campgrounds, cruises, and other family-friendly travel ideas. In addition, I discovered that many hotels and resort properties offer all-inclusive packages aimed at families. I had always been under the impression that those kinds of packages were reserved for singles or couples, but I guess I was wrong. The all-inclusive deals seemed to good to pass up, so I decided to book a package at one of the new family vacation spots that I just learned about. Plus, by booking online, I was able to save even more money off the already low price, so I was definitely pleased with the way things turned out.
Now I not only have an exotic trip lined up for our next holiday, but also have a whole list of new family vacation spots for the future. This means we can discuss and plan our future vacations whenever we want to without having to go through the whole research routine again. It's nice to know we'll be spending quality time together at all these terrific family vacation spots sometime soon!