Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Balloon Flights

One thing that always has interested me is balloon flights. While I am fascinated with how it works and the thought of seeing the world from inside a basket hanging below a balloon, I am probably the last person you are going to see riding in one. I love the thought and the romance involved with balloon flights, but I’m afraid I might pass out from fear once a balloon with me in it takes off. It might be too much for me, and I’ll pass, thank you very much.
Balloon flights do bring about a sense of romance and wonder though, and I can see why people love them so much. Not only do people love to fly in them, they love to show them off too. Balloons come in a brilliant array of colors, and if you visit Dansville, New York each year on Labor Day Weekend, you can see hundreds of them in the sky at once. Not only that, but you can also get balloon flights from some of the owners. They also have a fair there each year, and you can see the balloons take off right in front of you. It is truly something to see.
There are places all over the world that offer balloon flights, and you will find them in most places where you might like to travel. You can find information on balloon flights in the United States as well as New Zealand, Australia, and England. I’m sure they are offered in many other places as well. All you need for balloon flights are the balloons and a clear sky. The winds have to be pretty tame, but for the most part, you can find these conditions for balloon flights all over the globe.
If you want to take balloon flights, you can do an Internet search for companies near you that offer them. The prices will vary from company to company, and you may find that they all have different times of the year in which they offer balloon flights. They probably have many different flight packages as well. Some even offer a picnic lunch with their balloon flights, though you will have to see what you can get. This may be something you want to do on your honeymoon, or perhaps something you do just to say you did it. No matter what your reason is, there may be nothing like balloon flights to offer you a breathtaking view of the world around you.