Sunday, November 05, 2006

Fishing Trips

My husband and I have been married over twenty years. We have a strong healthy relationship and still enjoy each other’s company after all these years. We enjoy doing thing together, but we also have our own interests and activities. We take vacations together but we also take separate vacations with friends. My husband has gone on fishing trips with buddies since before we were married. He has gone to a variety of lakes and some times they camp and other times they stay in cabins or lodges. This year he wanted to do one of his fishing trips for our vacation.
I enjoy fishing. We go out fishing together often, but I did not know if I wanted to spend a week fishing. He told me that he has always wanted to go to this lake in Canada where you can only reach the cabins by boat. Several of his buddies have gone on similar fishing trips and they report that it is very relaxing and the fishing is fantastic. My husband assured me that we would have a nice cabin with electricity and running water. I reluctantly agreed to go on the fishing adventure. I rationalized to myself that I still had an additional three weeks of vacation coming so I could do something fun with a girl friend later in the summer.
We drove twelve hours to get to the base camp. There were several vehicles parked in the parking area. The signs were advertising fishing trips of a life time. The office was only large enough for two people to be in at once. As my husband got the keys and the map to find our cabin I walked around the marina and looked at the gorgeous lake. It was five in the afternoon, we had been sitting in the car since five in the morning, and I was ready to get settled in the cabin. I started to take the cover off the boat so we could load in the supplies that we would be taking with us to the island cabin. We were staying a week so we had groceries for a week as well as our clothes and fishing gear. By the looks of the base camp I was not expecting much of a cabin.
My husband arrived back at the boat and truck with a map and keys. He said that it would take us a half hour to get to the cabin by boat. We finished packing all the gear and landed the boat and secured the vehicle. When we arrived at the island I thought we must have made a mistake. There was a beautiful log cabin nestled in pine trees. It was the only building on the island. The cabin was two years old and had a generator for hot water electricity and heat. It was beautifully decorated. I told my husband that now I know why he has been taking fishing trips all these years. He assured me that all of his accommodations have not been this nice. We had a wonderful time and I am sure that my future holds additional fishing trips.