Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Health Current Event Articles

The recent outbreak of Swine flu in many nations has threatened the entire fraternity of health reforms and health care centers. There have been around 30 countries that are included in the list of conformed cases of Swine flu, most of them being reported in Mexico. The health current event articles are mostly focused on the dangers and threats of Swine flu. It has been regarded as grade 5 disease by the World Health Organization and all the people are asked to take strict precautions against it. The current event health articles have also told us that suspected cases are being provided complete care. Now the outbreak has been slowed down to a great extent. Chine reported the first case of swine flu on the 11th of May, 2009. More than 53 deaths have been reported due to the outbreak of this horrifying disease. Many child health issues related to influenza have also included this disease in the list of possible threats to children health as it can really be a threat to their lives.